Pop Up Miles 6-21-2016 Results

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Week 3 Results – June 21, 2016


Week 3 of #PopUpMiles in the books! Results up soon!

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Mile Results

Name Sex Time
Ben Rachunok Male 4:33
Derrin Pierret Male 4:43
Luke Allen Male 4:46
Nick Meeker Male 4:50
Sarah Rapp Female 4:54
Dan Henry Male 4:56
Ryan Laytham Male 5:05
Matt Mansell Male 5:08
Olivia Enright Female 5:10
Shan Guo Male 5:23
Wilson Kuhn Male 5:35
Jerry Hung Male 5:39
Adam Short Male 5:40
Colleen McCarthy Female 5:42
Kate Mueller Female 5:47
Mike Stellpflug Male 5:51
Chris Bradshaw Male 5:52
Hannah Field Female 5:57
Mike Chappell Male 6:05
Tricity Andrew Female 6:19
Annie Spiel Female 6:30
Katharine Ahrens Female 8:17

Finish of over 5:30 Mile

Finish of under 5:30 Mile

800 Results

Name Sex Time
Sean Pereira Male 2:10
Amanda LoPiccolo Female 2:16
Shan Guo Male 2:31
Mike Stellpflug Male 2:42
Chris Bradshaw Male 2:42
Adam Short Male 2:43
Jerry Hung Male 2:48
Mike Chappell Male 2:48

Finish of 800

If we are missing your time, or your time is incorrect, email us at SirWalterRunning@gmail.com