We having some races. We may as well have a party!

Before and after the races at Meredith, we’ll have a get together at Raleigh Brewing Company!

Live Music? Food Trucks? Free Giveaways? Check! Check! Check!


Braden & Brother will perform before and

after starting at 7:30!

And we’ll have something special for those over 21 years of age:

The Sub 4 ABV Challenge

What’s a great way to end a night of racing (if you are of legal age), a great local beer, of course. The craft beer revolution is upon us and North Carolina has it’s fair share of excellent breweries. We wanted to “tap” into that and put our own spin on it.

The “Sub 4 Challenge” will ask some of the best North Carolina breweries to brew a keg of their best <4 ABV (alcohol by volume) beer. Here is the list!

Who’s participating?

RBC trophy fullsteam new-belgium-brewing-logo myster Natty Greenes

Come by before and after for some fun. You can park there too!

busy bee

Also, as part of our Kickstarter campaign, we’ll be offering a one of a kind dinner. On Thursday, July 31st, come join the runners that are in town already for a pre-race dinner. Food will be prepared by Chef Dave Mitchell and beverages will be served by Bee owners Chris Powers and David Lockwood. Want to rub elbows with some top notch runners, here’s your chance!

More details here: sirkickstarter