Pop Up Miles 6-23-2015 Results

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Week 4 Results – June 23, 2015

Another hot night of #PopUpMiles. Championship Miles are next Tuesday! Results are posted at PopUpMiles.com

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Name Sex Time
Javan Lapp Male 4:26
Christian Brewer Male 4:27
Tim Walker Male 4:29
Nick Meeker Male 4:43
Luke Allen Male 4:46
Luke Bennett Male 4:49
James East Male 4:53
David Meeker Male 4:55
Jason Piasecki Male 5:00
Robert Fitak Male 5:02
Keith Ferguson Male 5:03
Matthew Loeffler Male 5:03
Andrew Gorbea Male 5:06
Ericka Charles Female 5:11
Allie Bigelow Female 5:21
Russell Nichols Male 5:27
Scott Lehr Male 5:39
Rita Beard Dorry Female 5:43
Kristen Azarelo Female 6:11
Lori Chong Female 6:15
Christine Brugh Female 6:23
Arthur Schwartz Male 7:46

If we are missing your time, or your time is incorrect, email us at SirWalterRunning@gmail.com

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