Why drive to the Sir Walter Miler when you can Uber?


We’re excited to announce a new sponsor for the Sir Walter Miler: Uber!

Why drive to the Sir Walter Miler, when you can connect with a few friends and essentially get to Raleigh Brewing and/or the Meredith College Track for free? If you haven’t tried Uber yet, it’s incredible. Download the app. Enter the promo code SIRWALTERMILER (see below for details), select your address, and BOOM! Watch your Uber ride come to you on your smart phone. Digital receipt, no tipping, just a safe, clean ride to and from what is going to be a special night!

uber photoThere’s no safer, cheaper way to get to and from the Sir Walter Miler than Uber. If you haven’t heard of Uber, it’s an app that connects you with a driver at the tap of a button. Request a ride and have a driver curbside in minutes. There’s no need to carry cash. When you reach your destination, your fare is automatically billed to your card on file, no need to tip.

To sign up now and get your first ride FREE (up to $20) just download the Uber app and enter the promo code SIRWALTERMILER – or you can click here and register online right now (the promo code will already be inserted on the page).

Already an Uber user? You can get free rides every day by sharing your personal referral code and having your friends take a ride, and every single ride you take for the summer is 25% off every day, making it far cheaper than a Raleigh taxi. To learn more, check our coverage area and get a fare quote, visit

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