Win Shoes: New Balance Rowdiest Fan of the Night

Be the

New Balance “Rowdiest Fan of the Night”

Hashtag your photos and videos with #SirWalterMiler and #NBRowdy


What will help me win?

  • Dress up as Sir Walter Raleigh, but with a running spin. You’ll probably want to wear some Newbies too. Attention to detail is key.
  • Cheer loudly for participants in each race. Bring a cowbell. Set up a drum circle. If you were racing, what would fuel you to a fast time?
  • Make a cool sign. People bring them to “ball” games, why not a track meet? Extra points for creativity.
  • There is a New Balance sponsored runner in the field. Get creative and show her your New Balance support!


What won’t help me win?

  • Taking race selfies with the runners. You may get injured, and possibly tased. Don’t do it. You can take a photo with them after the race (if they oblige).
  • Being overly obnoxious. This is track. Be respectful! You know if you’re going too far. Don’t be that guy. Mind your manners.
  • Don’t have TOO MUCH FUN at the pre-party. Keep your shirt/pants on. More fun can be had post-race (if you are over 21). And make sure you are safe in getting home! Use the Uber code below and use the the buddy system. Both are winners.

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