2014 Sir Walter Miler Official Results and Video

August 1, 2014 – Meredith College Track – Raleigh, North Carolina


Capital RunWalk Womens Sub 4.5 Challenge

1. Heidi Gregson 4:34.05
2. Kristen Findley 4:42.45
3. Cydney Ross 4:42.78
4. Caitlin Bullock 4:52.41
5. Andie Cozzarelli 4:54.41
6. Lyndsay Harper 4:57.19
7. Amanda LoPiccolo 4:58.87
8. Ericka Charles 5:24.04


Capital RunWalk Mens Sub 4 Challenge

1. Ford Palmer 3:57.61
2. Donnie Cowart 3:58.43
3. Isaac Presson 3:59.77
4. Joe Stilin 4:00.85
5. Craig Forys 4:02.61
6. Sean Keveren 4:02.98
7. Andrew Springer 4:04.60
8. Sandy Roberts 4:05.02
9. Griff Graves 4:15.77
10. Lucas Manring 4:15.89

SWM 300

4 thoughts on “2014 Sir Walter Miler Official Results and Video

  • This was a wonderful night! Congratulations to those who made their goal and to those who tried and will accomplish their goal later. This should be a yearly event!

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  • What a great idea to have the spectators lining the track ! It creates a funnel of excitement- the runners must have been pumped each time they came round. Hope to see more of this in future track events,

  • Congratulations to the runners! Great race and great night. Congratulations to Pat Price, Logan Roberts, and Sandy Roberts for organizing and putting on a first class elite event. Looking forward to this race becoming a staple event in the area.


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