Ask Us Anything: Running – Tuesday at Natty Greene’s

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Ask Me Anythings have become quite popular on Reddit over the past few years, so why not do our own? But the internet seems kind of impersonal, so we’ll do it live, and on the run!

caprun Natty Greenes

Come out to the Capital RunWalk Social Run this Tuesday at Natty Greene’s Raleigh and get your questions ready for Sandy Roberts, Logan Roberts, and Pat Price. We’ll run with everyone and then grab a beverage afterwards and (hopefully) answer any questions you have!


What do you want to know?

  • How did you make it to Foot Locker?

  • How did you run 1:50 in your last collegiate race?

  • What are your secrets for running a solid beer mile?

  • Where did the idea for the Sandman Mile come from?


You have questions, we have answers.

Be there at 6pm and ready to run and we’ll be happy to answer anything!

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