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Meet the Competitors: Donnie Cowart

Donnie Cowart | @DonnieCowart | Men’s Mile


Donnie Cowart took people by surprise at the 2012 Olympic Trials. He made it in to the final on time, and then took advantage of the opportunity. He ran a roaring last lap to finish fourth overall, just one spot away from the Olympic Team. He lives and trains just down the road in Winston-Salem, NC, where he works with the Crazy Running group.


5 Things About Me: Donnie Cowart

  1. Have a modest high school mile PR of 4:22. I worked hard in college to run 4:01, and my current PR is 4:00.62… I’m looking to break 4 minutes at the Sir Walter Miler.

  2. The event I focus on most is the 3,000 meter Steeplechase. I have placed in the top 6 four years in a row on at USATF Outdoors.

  3. At the 2012 Olympic Trials, I was 4th in the Steeplechase.

  4. I am very serious about my nutrition, and enjoy cooking all my meals, as well as cooking for friends!

  5. In middle school, I was cut from JV Baseball and JV Basketball. I was told I was not strong enough or tall enough. I struggled as an athlete until I found distance running and even struggled in that until my junior year of high school. Then I started to see breakthroughs.

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