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Meet the Pacers: Bobby Mack

Bobby Mack Chris Derrick

Bobby Mack | @BMackNC | Men’s Mile


Bobby Mack is ready to roll. He’s coming back from injury, but will take the Men’s Sub 4 Challenge through the 800 meters in 1:57 on Friday night. Bobby has run 3:59.70 in the mile himself. He was the 2012 USATF Cross Country Champion and helped Team USA to a Silver Medal, ahead of Kenya, at the 2013 World Cross Country Championship. Stop by Capital RunWalk to see him and you can see the medal for yourself!

RSVP for “Run with the Pros,” which will be led by Bobby Saturday Morning at Umstead Park (7:30 at the Harrison Ave – Exit 287 entrance).


6 Things About Me: Bobby Mack

  1. I ran at NC State University from 2003-2008 under Coach Rollie Geiger and continue to be coached by him to this day.

  2. My car is is probably older than some of the Sir Walter competitors (1991 Honda Accord). I’ll keep it rolling… helps the blue collar hero status.

  3. I hold the Indoor North Carolina High School State Meet record for the 1600 meters. I clocked a 4:10.61 on a flat 200 track in 2003.

  4. I’ve only raced a track mile four times. I got my sub 4 on the fourth attempt. I guess we could say 4 and done! I’ll be sticking to the longer stuff.

  5. I showed up to a low key 5K once. Well, as low key as a nude 5K can be. Some other professional runners showed up and I ended up finishing 3rd. Humbling day.

  6. My wife Carrie walked down the aisle at our wedding to her brother and sister playing a Grateful Dead song.

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