Meet the Competitors

Meet the Competitors: Heidi Gregson

Heidi Gregson | @hgregson2 | Women’s Mile


Heidi Gregson joins us from Australia, via Greenville, South Carolina, where she trains under Coach Robert Gary and the Furman Elite team. She recently placed second at the Australian Championships and will be a major threat to the 4:30 bonus at the Sir Walter Miler come August 1st.


5 Things About Me: Heidi Gregson

  1. I am Australian – born and raised in Sydney Australia. I came over to the USA in 2009 to attend Iona College in NY.

  2. This September I am getting married to another runner, American miler Jeff See.

  3. I ran 4:20 in the 1500m as a 15 year old, and didn’t run much faster until 2013, at age 23.

  4. Even though the 1500m/mile is my main event, I secretly enjoy racing the 800m more!

  5. I am a self-proclaimed cat lady. I have two cats called Samson and Trent, and if my fiancé wasn’t strongly against it, I would have two more.

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