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Meet the 2016 Competitors: Nicole Tully

Nicole Tully | Women’s Elite Mile

Nicole Tully joins the Sir Walter Miler for the first time, with many of her NJNYTC teammates. She was the 2015 USATF Outdoor Champion in the 5000 meters and will look to dip under the 4:30 barrier for the first time next Friday.

Social Media: Twitter

College: Villanova University
Coach: Frank Gagliano
Mile PR: 4:30.65

5 Things About Me: Nicole Tully

  1. In addition to being a professional runner, I also work full time in PR and Advertising for Canon.
  2. In college, I participated in an Oreo case race and ate an entire package of Oreos in 14 minutes. You’d think I would hate Oreos after that, but they are still my favorite desert.
  3. Both my parents competed in the Olympic Trials (Dad a runner in 1972 and 1976, Mom a swimmer in 1972), so I grew up thinking going to the Olympic Trials was “normal.”
  4. In another life, I will come back a weather woman, hopefully on the Today Show. I really like hurricanes (I grew up in Florida, so we didn’t have “snow days”… we had “hurricane days.”)
  5. I get asked if I’m a high school swimmer at LA Fitness more than I get asked if I’m a pro runner.

North Carolina connection?
I actually went to Wake Forest University for 3 years before I transferred to Villanova. I loved the school and the area, but transferring was the best decision I’ve ever made for my running, as being in the Villanova (awesome) environment, with teammates and coaches took my running to a new level.

Learn more about Nicole at: VIS Experience | Run with the Pros

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