Meet Our Sponsors

Meet Our Sponsors: Great Outdoor Provision Co.

“At the end of the day, a vision is only as strong as its’ supporters.”

GOPC Sign in Store

Sir Walter Miler has, without question, been able to propel itself past a daunting vision into an electrifying reality with the help and support of Great Outdoor Provision Company. The Sir Walter team saw the potential of the mile-focused track event after its’ initial iteration, The Sandman Mile, back in 2013. Since then, the race has become a Raleigh-fixture with a national reputation. But truly, none of this would have been possible without the investment of time, resources, and vision from the creative team at GOPC.

Great Outdoor Provision Co. – Cameron Village

Father and son combo John and Chuck Millsaps have been the marketing genius behind the thriving, Cameron-Village based outdoor specialty shop. Their passion for the outdoors and fitness go beyond the storefront, as the one-two family punch has linked the store with outside-the-box events and unique partnerships. Their teamwork and ingenuity helped create the partnership with Sir Walter Miler. Over the past two years, their support has helped build a one-of-kind race environment that the city of Raleigh has embraced and really begun to own.

Chuck Millsaps, Sandy, and John Millsaps

As we enter into our third year of Sir Walter Miler, we are very grateful for the initial support of Great Outdoor Provision Company. This partnership has created the foundation for success that we see today and our team realizes that, without their initial support, we would not be where are today. We are extremely grateful for their investment into this race and our community. So stop by and tell the GOPC team “Thank you!”, or better yet, maybe “run a mile in one of their shoes!”

To learn more, check out or stop by their Raleigh store at 2017 Cameron Street in Cameron Village.

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