Meet the Competitors

Meet the Competitors: Sandy Roberts

Sandy Roberts | @FTRoberts | Men’s Mile


Sandy Roberts is a Raleigh guy. He was a multiple time state champion in high school. He qualified for Foot Locker Nationals twice. Although he left for the nation’s capital at Georgetown, his roots are in the Capital City. His initial desire to go after the elusive sub 4 minute mile has blossomed into what we’ll be celebrating Friday night with many friends and competitors. He was also one of two Sandy’s on the Broughton Cross Country team.


5 Things About Me: Sandy Roberts

  1. When my parents wouldn’t let me do an Ironman Triathlon in 5th grade, I decided to try track. After getting over the boredom of one discipline and realizing my basketball game had a 5’11” ceiling, running became the next best option.

  2. I ran and graduated from Georgetown University and then ran and graduated from NC State University. I have, however, maintained a loyal, die-hard, love affair with my childhood team, The University of the People (UNC).

  3. I want the swag of Denzel Washington. (Like a combo of Training Day, Remember The Titans, and Man on Fire)

  4. I want to become a pastor of a racially diverse church when I grow up. Running and faith go hand in hand for me.

  5. The Sandman Mile in 2013 blew my mind and was the coolest running experience I’ve ever been a part of. I am pumped for the 2014 edition to far exceed and hoping to see 3:5…..on the clock when I finish!

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