Meet the Competitors

Meet the Competitors: Joe Stilin

Joe Stilin | @StilinIt | Men’s Mile


Joe Stilin is coming off a nice European season to join us on August 1st. He’s got four sub-4:00 miles under his belt and recently ran 3:39 over 1500 meters. Joe lives and trains in Blowing Rock, NC with Reebok’s professionally sponsored group, Zap Fitness. You can follow Joe’s training and travels on his blog here.


5 Things About Me: Joe Stilin

  1. I ran four years as a Princeton Tiger and one track season as a Texas Longhorn in graduate school, majoring in aerospace engineering. In my case it WAS rocket science.

  2. I’m originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin so I know my beers, bratwursts, and cheeses (and how to stay warm).

  3. I run for Zap Fitness, a non-profit running center in North Carolina that fully supports post-collegiate Olympic hopefuls.

  4. I was once in a Blink-182 cover band as the drummer. We were terrible.

  5. I’m going for my fifth sub-four mile at Sir Walter.

The 2014 Sir Walter Miler. Watch | Hang Run | Support sirkickstarter

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