Meet the Competitors

Meet the Competitors: Matt Elliott

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Matt Elliott | @MattElliott1500 | Men’s Mile


Matt Elliott will unfortunately be unable to compete at the Sir Walter Miler, but we hope he can make it next year. Matt burst onto the scene in 2013 with his 4th place finish at USA Outdoors. His inspirational post-race interview about being a 4:40 miler is a must see!


5 Things About Me: Matt Elliott

  1. I am from one of the smallest towns in South Carolina and very proud of it – Green Sea, SC!

  2. I have the two best parents that have ever walked on this planet – Charles and Phyllis Elvington.

  3. My training partners for the last two years have been Jared and Jacob Coccia – twin brothers who bike beside me and will be Juniors in High School.

  4. I am Christian and blessed to run every day and have so many positive relationships gained through the sport of Track and Field.

  5. I love photography and use my GoPro camera whenever the moment strikes!

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