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Meet the 2016 Competitors: Colby Alexander

Colby Alexander | Men’s Elite Mile

Colby Alexander has had a great 2016 so far. He signed to HOKA ONE ONE, he won the Furman Elite 1500, ran 3:36.26 for 1500 meters, finished 7th in his first Olympic Trials, and ran a 3:55 mile in Ireland. Now he’ll go for the win at the 2016 Sir Walter Miler.

Social Media: Twitter | Instagram | Snapchat | Sweat Mobile | Vine | Tinder

College: University of Oregon
Coach: Frank Gagliano
Mile PR: 3:55.93

5 Things About Me: Colby Alexander

  1. I listen to classical music before races, like a psychopath.
  2. I was named after a Cleveland Indians pitcher (Colby Ward). He was terrible. My dad always says he pitched in one game, but I’m sure he pitched in a few more… so like 3. My parents just liked the name. So now when I introduce myself to people and they don’t understand what I said, they say, “oh, like Kobe?” I can’t say, “no, Colby! Like Colby Ward!” Instead I’m stuck with “no… like the cheese.”
  3. I seem to cry at some point during every Pixar movie… or is it Dreamworks? Probably both.
  4. I was a huge WWE (WWF) fan growing up. I went to an event once in downtown Cleveland dressed as one of “The Headbangers“. They wrestled in skirts and wore face paint. Looking back, I’m not sure why I thought those dudes were the coolest. I was obsessed with their motto, “REAL MEN WEAR SKIRTS.”
  5. Speaking of wrestling, one time during the “degeneration X” era, my sister and I got off the school bus, turned around, faced the bus driver and said “suck it!” then proceeded to do the X thing they did with the pelvic thrust. I’ve really been a rebel since day one.. that’s why I still do this getting off of any bus or public transportation. (I’m sure there are some sweet videos of triple H and the crew doing it)

North Carolina connection?
My family and I used to vacation to the Outer Bankers every summer. I got really good at skim boarding.

Learn more about Colby at: VIS Experience | Run with the Pros

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