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Meet the 2016 Competitors: Stephanie Brown

Stephanie Brown | Women’s Elite Mile

Stephanie Brown recently competed in the Olympic Trials 1500 meter finals and was an All American while at the University of Arkansas. She’ll take aim at 4:30 next Friday in Raleigh!

Social Media: Twitter | Instagram | Snapchat

College: University of Arkansas
Coaches: Lyle Weese / AJ Pulice
Sponsors: Nike, Lumorun
Mile PR: 4:39.12

5 Things About Me: Stephanie Brown

  1. I am a major Foodie and I love sauce, especially BBQ sauce! Which is why I like to think of myself as the sauce boss, and an amateur chef. You can call me Chef Purps!
  2. Purple actually is my middle name! Ha, just kidding. I made it my middle name on Facebook during my freshman year in college as a joke, and it ended up sticking around as a nickname: Purple, Purps, or Purp is fine! (My real middle name is Nichole)
  3. I am sort of ambidextrous, being left-handed and right-sported. Which is why I feel like I’m fairly creative.
  4. I have gotten into photography the past couple years. I even have my own website: Check it out!
  5. I was born in Normal, Illinois. Funny, right? But I’m a small town girl at heart, being raised in a farm town; Downs, Illinois. My graduating class had 77 kids, and we were all together since kindergarten.

North Carolina connection?
I’m not too connected to NC, except one of my best friends, Cory Nanni, ran at Duke and still lives in Durham. So he will be at the race!

Learn more about Stephanie at: VIS Experience | Run with the Pros

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