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Meet the 2015 Competitors: Jake Edwards

Jake Edwards | Men’s Elite Mile | Team USA

Jake Edwards has broken the four minute barrier before. He boasts a personal best of 3:58.09 to be exact. After competing at the 2015 USA Track and Field Championships at 5000 meters, he’ll line up at the Sir Walter Miler with a chance to further improve his mile PR.

Twitter: @Jedwards1609
Instagram: @Jedwards706

Coach: Steve Magness
Club: Brooks

5 Things About Me: Jake Edwards

  1. My first sub 4 mile was in 2014 while training without a coach, training group, or sponsorship
  2. I work full-time at a bank
  3. I drink whole milk, preferably from Snowville Creamery
  4. I can’t touch my toes without bending my knees…not even close.
  5. I’m organizing a track mile August 22 in my hometown of Delaware, Ohio. Interested parties please contact me!

Learn more about Jake at: VIP Experience | Run with the Pros

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