Meet the Competitors

Meet the 2015 Competitors: Shawn Roberts

Shawn Roberts | Men’s Elite Mile | Team USA

Shawn Palmer will join many of his New Jersey New York Track Club teammates on August 7th. He’ll look to have the same good fortune as Ford Palmer, who was able to break four minutes in the mile for the first time last year. His current personal best is 4:01.16.

Facebook: shawn.roberts.5496
Twitter: @srobertsgt
Instagram: @sroberts35

Coach: Gags
Club: New Jersey New York Track Club

5 Things About Me: Shawn Roberts

  1. I came from a military family and lived all over the country including Alaska and Hawai’i
  2. I used to play 5 different instruments
  3. Graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering
  4. I can eat an entire box of swiss miss cake rolls in one sitting.
  5. I can dunk a basketball

Learn more about Shawn at: Eat with the Pros | VIP Experience | Run with the Pros

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