Meet the Competitors

Meet the 2015 Competitors: Heather Wilson

Heather Wilson | Women’s Elite Mile

Heather Wilson has done some impressive things on (4:32 mile) and off (see below) the track. She’ll join us from New Jersey via Connecticut via central New York, and will no doubt be impressed by our southern hospitality. If you meet, do not challenge her to a run or a Chipotle challenge. She will win.

Twitter: @heathawilson
Instagram: @heathawilson

Coach: Francis “Gags” Gagliano
Club: New Jersey New York Track Club

5 Things About Me: Heather Wilson

  1. I grew up in a small town in Central New York near Syracuse, so I know a thing or two about snow.
  2. I went to college at University of Connecticut, and would occasionally get asked if I was on the basketball team when we traveled to track meets. Baller I am not.
  3. Frozen grapes may be one of the best snacks on earth.
  4. If I could do a competitive sport after I’m done running, I would choose competitive eating (although this will most likely require that I continue to run). I routinely attempted food challenges in high school and college such as the Gallon challenge, the Capri Sun challenge, and Crunch Wrap Supreme challenge.
  5. I now run for the NJ*NY Track Club. I never in a million years would have thought I would end up in New Jersey, but now I can’t imagine training anywhere else.

Learn more about Heather at: Eat with the Pros | VIP Experience | Run with the Pros

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