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Meet the 2018 Competitors: Kate Van Buskirk

Kate Van Buskirk | Women’s Elite Mile

Social Media: Twitter Instagram

Sponsor: Nike
College: Duke
1500m PR: 4:05.38
Mile PR: 4:26.92

5 Things About Me: Kate Van Buskirk

  1. I recently discovered the delicious world of homemade chia pudding, and have been experimenting with different recipes. My favourite so far includes vanilla, cocoa, maple syrup and coconut milk. Hit me up for more combos!
  2. I live and train in Toronto, which will be hosting the NACAC Championships in a few weeks. I’ll be competing in the 5000m for Team Canada!
  3. I love craft beer and although I’m partial to IPA’s, I’ll be looking forward to trying an ice cold Wicked Weed “Run for El Dorado” after the race! (Note: “Run for El Dorado” is a Pale Ale)
  4. I have a love of board games (especially the PG-13 ones) and would rather sit at home with my friends on a friday night around a game of “Draw What?!” than go out on the town.
  5. I can quote almost any line from any episode of the “Friends” series. I have 5 years of the show playing in our Duke locker room to thank for this particular skill.

5 Fast Questions

  1. What’s your favorite podcast or Pandora Station? I really like the Rich Roll Podcast, particularly his conversations with Desi Linden and Alex Huchinson. I also listen to a lot of CBC radio, and like the program Podcast Playlist, which gives teasers of different podcasts each week.
  2. What’s your favorite pre-run or post-run snack? I bring a homemade protein smoothie to have right after my track workouts and long runs. But in the heat and humidity of summer, nothing beats a Gatorade slushie!
  3. If you completed in another sport, what would it be? I’ve always loved volleyball. I played in high school, and after my competitive running career I want to join a beach volleyball league. I have almost zero skills….I’m just a really good blocker at the net because I’m so tall. My goal is to one day develop a killer spike!
  4. What is your favorite flavor of Gatorade? (Now, or growing up) I find the Cool Blue G2 gatorade to be the most refreshing. I water it down slightly, and keep a few bottles in my freezer to have on hand for hot workout days.
  5. Do you have any connections to Raleigh or North Carolina? I was a proud member of the Blue Devil track and cross-country programs at Duke University from 2006-2011, and my former Duke coach Kevin Jermyn will be out cheering at Sir Walter Miler again this year. My boyfriend attended NC State and much of his family still lives in North Carolina, and they will also be cheering on race day!

Learn more about Kate at: VIS Experience | Rise & Run with the Pros Sir Walter “Extra” Miler

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