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Meet the 2022 SWM Athletes: Dan Michalski

Dan Michalski  | Men’s Elite Mile

Social Media: Instagram | Strava | Twitter | Facebook

Sponsor: Nike
College: Indiana
Mile PR: 4:00.02

5 Things About Me: Dan Michalski

  1. I’m a husband and dad with another on the way. Wife Abby, 19-mo daughter Daley Joy, 2yo pup Buddy Boy, and Baby #2 coming this December.
  2. I started running track my senior year of high school. Thought I was going to be a decathlete, but caught the bug for the mile and eventually the steeplechase.
  3. If I could be a pro in any other sport, my best chances would be as a disc golfer. Got hooked in 2020 and in 2021 I played more scored rounds than 99% of the world.
  4. I go through sriracha like water and I feel it on my runs…pun intended.
  5. I like to quote Seinfeld, but usually have to explain the whole scene which makes it way less funny.

5 Fast Questions

  1. What’s something people should add to their streaming and/or podcast queue? Netflix: Seinfeld, any true-crime docu series, Blacklist, and Grey’s Anatomy is the most recent go-to. Podcasts: Let’s Run Track Talk and COFFEE CLUB.
  2. What’s your favorite sport or sporting event outside of running? Disc Golf
  3. What’s your go-to pre-run meal or snack? Before a workout: Half of a protein bar, half of a pack of fruit snacks, watered-down Advocare Spark, and Run Gum.
  4. Do you have any connections to Raleigh or North Carolina? Wife and I both have family in the Greensboro area and we spent part of our honeymoon in Candler and Beech Mountain.
  5. One positive change I’ve seen in the sport in the past year is… More podcasts than ever to get to know your favorite athletes.

Learn more about Dan at: VIS Experience | Run with the Pros

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