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Meet the 2016 Competitors: Drew Hunter

Drew Hunter | Men’s Elite Mile

Drew Hunter made waves this year when he became the eighth U.S. High School Runner to run sub-4:00 mile. More recently, he eschewed a collegiate athletic career to turn professional, and sign with adidas. The 2016 Sir Walter Miler will be his professional debut.

Social Media: Twitter | Instagram | Snapchat

Coach:  Tom Schwartz / Marc and Joan Hunter
Sponsor: adidas
Mile PR: 3:57.81

5 Things About Me: Drew Hunter

  1. I have 8 siblings. Three adopted from China and two adopted from Haiti. We have quite the diverse family.
  2. I once met Mike Tyson during a layover in the San Francisco airport. He was a really nice guy.
  3. I recently read the book “Born To Run” by Christopher McDougall, and have decided that one day I will do an ultra race. Probably not for another 20 years, however…
  4. My favorite workout has to be anything involving hills. I really enjoy the feeling of running fast up a hill.
  5. The only two Netflix series I have completed are Dexter and Breaking Bad.

North Carolina connection?
My only connection with NC has to be the multitude of races I’ve run there over the course of my high school career. Footlocker South Regional, JDL Fast Track, New Balance Nationals, etc…

Learn more about Drew at: VIS Experience | Run with the Pros

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