Meet the Competitors

Meet the 2015 Competitors: Brandon Hudgins

Brandon Hudgins | Men’s Elite Mile | Team NC

Brandon joins us from the mountains of Boone and will be sporting the North Carolina flag split shorts on Friday, August 7th. Hudgins has become quite the road warrior over the past few years, and will look to improve on his personal best of 4:01.64 in Raleigh, as he’ll take aim at his first sub four minute mile.

Facebook: brandon.hudgins
Twitter: @bhudgnasty
Instagram: @bhudgnasty

Coach: James Snyder, Temple University
Club: Loaded Anarchy

5 Things About Me: Brandon Hudgins

  1. I was diagnosed with a rare auto immune disease at 20 years old called Wegener’s Granulomatosis that affects the small blood vessels in the body. The disease affects roughly 1 in 10-20 million every year. I have quit the sport twice after two relapses, because I couldn’t handle training for months and years at a time to be sidelined by a relapse with my auto immune disease that I can’t control.
  2. My happy place is Boone, North Carolina where I love to run and drink beer with my friends!
  3. Outside of running, my other passion in life is Rock n Roll!!! In fact, most of my heroes are musicians, not athletes.
  4. I still read Star Wars books which by default, makes me still a Toys “R” Us Kid.
  5. My goal in life is to inspire people to live their dreams, and grow the sport of track and field in America!

Learn more about Brandon at: Eat with the Pros | VIP Experience | Run with the Pros

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