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Meet the 2015 Competitors: Christy Cazzola

Christy Cazzola | Women’s Elite Mile

Christy took at different path to professional running. She was a phenom in high school, but then chose to hang up her spikes and start a family. She returned to college in her late twenties and was a 17-time National Champion at University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. Her personal best in the mile is 4:33.97. She’s also the defending champion and course record holder of Raleigh’s Mag Mile.

Facebook: christinacrayzola
Twitter: @FiveKrayCazzola
Instagram: @CAZZOC82

Coach: Drew Ludtke / Andrew Begley
Club: Atlanta Track Club
Sponsor: Mizuno

5 Things About Me: Christy Cazzola

  1. I am married and have two beautiful children, Noah and Kaya.
  2. I am an educator and love to be involved in community engagement efforts that support youth and adult learning experiences.
  3. I love to paint and sing, but I am not any good at it!
  4. I used to wrestle in high school, which makes me feel like a bad a**
  5. How I feel about food: I’ll try anything once.

Learn more about Christy at: Eat with the Pros | VIP Experience | Run with the Pros

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