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Meet the 2015 Competitors: Donnie Cowart

Donnie Cowart | Men’s Elite Mile | Team North Carolina

Donnie Cowart wasn’t feeling great last year. The day before the race, he sent us an email that started with: “I have made the tough decision not to travel to Raleigh tonight…” He was sick, real sick. Donnie’s a fighter, so I replied “If you get to feeling better, we’d still love to have you.” The rest is history. The next day he was the 425th American to run a sub four minute mile, crossing the finish line in 3:58.43. Before racing for Team NC, he’ll compete for Team USA at the Pan Am Games. You’ll be able to watch Tuesday, July 21st (today) here at 7:05pm.

Facebook: donnie.cowart
Twitter: @DonnieCowart
Instagram: @DonnieCowart

Coach: Brad Hunt
Sponsor: Saucony

5 Things About Me: Donnie Cowart

  1. I broke 4 minutes for the first time last year at Sir Walter Miler. The home stretch was so loud I couldn’t hear my own thoughts AND I was only able to sleep for 30 minutes that night because I was so pumped from the experience.
  2. I am Co-owner of Crazy Running, a kids running organization, that operates out of Winston-Salem. We teach kids how to train and have fun with the sport of running.
  3. Watching the Kids Fun Run when I’m at a race is pure joy to me. It always lights my fire and reminds me why I do the sport of running. The thrill of competing!
  4. Often during hard training blocks, I wonder what I like more… training like a pro or eating like one. Chocolate shredded mini wheats are my weakness.
  5. I weighted less than 100 pounds until my junior year of high school, but was drinking my protein shakes everyday to try and bulk up.

Learn more about Donnie at: Eat with the Pros | VIP Experience | Run with the Pros

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