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Meet the 2015 Competitors: Joe Stilin

Joe Stilin | Men’s Elite Mile | Team NC

Joe Stilin in back for another round in Raleigh. Last year, he narrowly missed his fifth sub four, by finishing fourth in 4:00.85. He’ll lace them up for Team NC this year, with a dose of midwestern flavor. He recently chatted with Sports Illustrated’s Chris Chavez on the ‘Running Our Mouths’ podcast. Topics ranged from racing in Europe, to training at Zap, to the Sir Walter Miler. Take a listen on iTunes.

Facebook: Joe.Stilin
Twitter: @StilinIt
Instagram: @StilinIt

Coach: Pete Rea
Sponsor: Reebok / Soleus / PowerBar
Club: Zap Fitness

5 Things About Me: Joe Stilin

  1. I am from Milwaukee, Wisconsin and now train in Blowing Rock, NC with Reebok / Zap Fitness, a non-profit training center that fully supports post collegiate olympic hopefuls.
  2. My primary event is the 5000m, but I love coming down in distance to run the mile because it’s so fast and short.
  3. The craziest training run I’ve ever done was a 22 miler in the mountains during a typhoon in Japan.
  4. As far as I know, I am not related to a former leader of the Soviet Union with a name very similar to mine.
  5. I am targeting my fifth lifetime sub four mile at the 2015 Sir Walter Miler.

Learn more about Joe at: Eat with the Pros | VIP Experience | Run with the Pros

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