Meet the Competitors

Meet the 2018 Competitors: Megan Mansy

Megan Mansy | Women’s Elite Mile

Social Media: Instagram

Sponsor: Hoka / NJNYTC
College: NC State
1500m PR: 4:08.22
Mile PR: 4:32.01

5 Things About Me: Megan Mansy

  1. Favorite shows are New Girl, Gilmore Girls, Bob’s Burgers, and the Baking Championship on Food Network.
  2. I may be getting a dog this fall! (hopefully) It will most likely have an Instagram page. Stay tuned.
  3. Two specialty meals that I can make are buffalo chicken tacos and chicken pad thai with spicy peanut sauce. (I really need to expand my cooking horizon though and learn more recipes)
  4. I am a sucker for cute coffee mugs. I have two cabinets full of all different ones at home.
  5. Home Goods is my favorite store. I love buying household things more than I like shopping for clothes.

5 Fast Questions

  1. What’s your favorite podcast or Pandora Station? I’ll usually go for a country or an oldies station on Spotify.
  2. What’s your favorite pre-run or post-run snack? Smoothies for post-run snack!
  3. If you completed in another sport, what would it be? If I were graceful or flexible I think it would be really cool to be a ballet dancer. I’ve seen the Nutcracker twice and I am in awe of what they can do. My mom was also a ballet dancer when she was younger. Another sport I wish I could do is alpine skiing. My family and I went skiing a lot when I was growing up and I always loved it!
  4. What is your favorite flavor of Gatorade? (Now, or growing up) Growing up I would say Cool Blue. Now I’ll go for Arctic Blitz or Strawberry Lemonade if I spot them on the shelf.
  5. Do you have any connections to Raleigh or North Carolina? Raleigh is definitely one of my favorite places. I graduated from NC State in 2017 and I really enjoyed getting to spend 5 years in North Carolina. It has the finest southern hospitality on the East Coast.

Learn more about Megan at: VIS Experience | Rise & Run with the Pros Sir Walter “Extra” Miler

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