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Meet the 2021 Competitors: Geordie Beamish

Geordie Beamish | Men’s Elite Mile

Social Media: Instagram

Sponsor: On Athletics Club
College: Northern Arizona
Mile PR: 3:56.90

5 Things About Me: Geordie Beamish

  1. I am from New Zealand but live with two Australians, Olli Hoare and Morgan McDonald, both are in Tokyo right now. Fact: Marmite is better than vegemite.
  2. I have read the entire Harry Potter series in 11 days. Twice.
  3. I haven’t paid for a haircut since high school. Don’t intend to start.
  4. My family runs a sheep farm in New Zealand. The New Zealand stereotype fits surprisingly well here.
  5. Favorite sport is snow skiing. Have been lucky enough to ski with my family in NZ, Italy, Austria and Japan.

5 Fast Questions

  1. What’s something people should add to their Netflix (or any streaming service) or Podcast queue? Ted Lasso right now or The Grand Tour is my go to
  2. What’s your favorite training shoe right now (or ever)? On Cloud Stratus (the new ones, they are about to release)
  3. If you have to go fast food, what’s your go-to? Mexican
  4. Do you have any connections to Raleigh or North Carolina? I am friends with Elly Henes! A local legend.
  5. The sport of Track & Field would be more exciting (or better) if… Drinking beers at track meets was the norm. I feel like we’d get more fans if people just came out to track meets for a couple of beers, socialize and hang out even if they’re not huge track fans. I.e everyone drinks beers at football/baseball etc.


Learn more about Geordie at: VIS ExperienceEat with the ProsRun with the Pros

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