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Meet the 2021 Competitors: Michaela Meyer

Michaela Meyer | Women’s Elite Mile

Social Media: Instagram

College: Virginia
Mile PR: 4:46.37

5 Things About Me: Michaela Meyer

  1. I am an identical twin, my twins name is Allison and she is the smart twin! She is a physician assistant
  2. I love to knit and have knit 3 blankets, although I am not a fast knitter
  3. I broke my wrist when I was 10, it was Halloween night and I was was trick or treating, I was racing the other kids to the next house and tripped
  4. I love my iPhone 6
  5. My birthday is the 4th of July

5 Fast Questions

  1. What’s something people should add to their Netflix (or any streaming service) or Podcast queue? Vampire Dairies on Netflix
  2. What’s your favorite training shoe right now (or ever)? I like all training shoes as long as they’re a cute color!
  3. If you have to go fast food, what’s your go-to? Chipotle, during my undergrad I would go at least once a week
  4. Do you have any connections to Raleigh or North Carolina? I would vacation to the Outer Banks when I was younger
  5. The sport of Track & Field would be more exciting (or better) if… we ran the mile more!

Learn more about Michaela Meyer at: VIS ExperienceEat with the ProsRun with the Pros

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