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Meet the 2019 Competitors: Rebecca Mehra

Rebecca Mehra | Women’s Elite Mile

Social Media: TwitterFacebook | Instagram

Sponsor: Oiselle / Little Wing
College: Stanford
Mile PR: 4:40.46

5 Things About Me: Rebecca Mehra

  1. I live in Bend, Oregon, where my non-running job is serving as the Chief of Staff to the Mayor of Bend!
  2. I could live (successfully) off of a diet of coffee, breakfast burritos, and cheese.
  3. I used to be a Los Angeles County beach lifeguard, and one time saved 3 lives in one day. Still my proudest accomplishment.
  4. My dad’s family is from India, so I grew up speaking Hindi, and learned how to read and write it while in college.
  5. I can probably quote an embarrassing amount of The West Wing.

5 Fast Questions

  1. What’s your favorite cereal? Hands down Honey Nut Cheerios.
  2. What makes a good running partner? A good conversationalist (that also wants to run the same pace as me!)
  3. What’s your favorite post run beverage? A tie between coconut water and chocolate milk. Depends on my mood!
  4. Do you have any connections to Raleigh or North Carolina? Raleigh Distance Project friends
  5. If it wasn’t for running, I’d probably be… working in public policy in Washington, D.C., or something of the sort!

Listen to Rebecca talk about all of the above and more on the Summer of Miles podcast!

Learn more about Rebecca at: VIS Experience | Dinner with the Pros | Rise and Run with the Pros

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