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Meet the 2019 Competitors: Stephanie Garcia

Stephanie Garcia | Women’s Elite Mile

Social Media: Twitter | Instagram | Facebook

Sponsor: New Balance
College: Virginia
Mile PR: 4:24.68 (2015 Sir Walter Miler Champ)

5 Things About Me: Stephanie Garcia

  1. I’m one of the OG Sir Walter competitors, having paced the 2014 race, won the 2015 race, and finishing 2nd in 2017!
  2. Last fall, I packed up my life and drove across the country to live and train in Sacramento– as an East Coast girl, living in California still feels weird and I really miss the humidity :)
  3. I grew up wanting to be a ballerina but in my first performance accidentally knocked a fellow dancer off the stage, so that dream went out the window!
  4. I eat so much peanut butter and jelly, I might turn into a pb&j sandwich in my next life.
  5. My post-running career goal is to be an athletic director at a Power 5 university– helping young athletes pursue their goals on and off the field!

5 Fast Questions

  1. What’s your favorite cereal? I’m more of a granola girl and love Purely Elizabeth!
  2. What makes a good running partner? The ability to tell a fantastic story while running uphill (so I can be distracted from my suffering)
  3. What’s your favorite post run beverage? A lime Le Croix with a Nuun
  4. Do you have any connections to Raleigh or North Carolina? I went to UVA, which means our men’s basketball team DOMINATES UNC, N.C. State (and sometimes Duke) every year… (RD Note – False!!)
  5. If it wasn’t for running, I’d probably be… a journalist for the Washington Post, which was my goal going into college when I was just an XC walk on!

Listen to Stephanie talk about all of the above and more on the Summer of Miles podcast!

Learn more about Stephanie at: VIS Experience | Dinner with the Pros | Rise and Run with the Pros

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