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Meet the 2019 Competitors: James Quattlebaum

James Quattlebaum | Men’s Elite Mile

Social Media: Strava

Employer: Run In
College: Clemson
Mile PR: 4:02.80 (2019 Pop Up Miles Champ)

5 Things About Me: James Quattlebaum

  1. I was born in Greenville, SC and moved back here after college. I love Greenville and its a place I believe everyone should visit.
  2. My favorite show of all time is “The Office”, I quote the show a lot.
  3. I have 2 brothers and 1 sister. We are a pretty athletic family. I am the oldest, the next in line played football and won 3 state championships. He then went to Clemson along with me. My youngest brother is going into 11th grade and runs too, he is the craziest of us all. Last, I have a sister who has played too many sports for me to remember.
  4. I live with 2 of my friends near Furman University. The home owner Thomas has a Golden Doodle who loves to eat everything: my socks, the remote control, the rug, everything. My door did not work for the first couple months and Lennon, the dog, would sneak in early in the morning and come scare the crap out of me by jumping in my bed to sleep with me. Lennon is a crazy dog and will eat any everything but I still love him.
  5. My roommate, Thomas, just cut my hair and I look like the redhead version of Sid from Toy Story. I’ll give him a 3/5 stars. There were a few hiccups along the way trying to get everything even. As soon as he put the longest guard on and buzzed the top he immediately went “Oh shit, you’re going to hate me its a lot shorter than I thought.” In retrospect it was a pretty good cut and he did a decent good job. (Thomas if you read this I might let you cut my hair again, Idk though).

5 Fast Questions

  1. What’s your favorite cereal? My Favorite Cereal is Lucky Charms. At Clemson, I would rarely go to the cafeteria, but I would always get at least one bowl of Lucky Charms from there. Some people might get me confused with the man on the box.
  2. What makes a good running partner? I love having someone to hang with on a long run or a really hard workout. When you have someone suffering with you for the really tough ones it always makes the run easier. I just like someone who is willing to go grind with me on the tough days.
  3. What’s your favorite post run beverage? My favorite post run beverage is Chocolate Milk! I had a good buddy and teammate, Matthew Tinsley, from Clemson start a club called the Chocolate Milk club which I would regularly attend. It was normally once a month at night right after we got done with practice.
  4. Do you have any connections to Raleigh or North Carolina? I do not have any connections with Raleigh, but I do with the nearby neighbor of Durham. My Grandfather, his brother, 2 uncles, aunt, and my Father went to Duke. My Aunt and one of my Uncles live in Durham. I am a big Duke basketball fan. I also went to High Point University for a year before transferring to Clemson.
  5. If it wasn’t for running, I’d probably be… more focused on a career and other parts of my life. Also, I would need to find some other physical activity to alleviate my ADHD and my built up energy.

Learn more about James at: VIS Experience | Dinner with the Pros | Rise and Run with the Pros

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