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Want to run a fast mile? or just beat your elementary school time? Want to earn a spot in the Sir Walter Miler elite race? It’s all possible once again this June in Raleigh.

Here’s how it’s going down: Each week, we’ll have 2 Mile races. They’ll start at 7pm. The first will be for those predicting to run 5:30 and up, the second will be under 5:29. We’ll also have a bonus distance and a bonus relay each week, so grab your friend and get ready to run fast!

The Championship Miles / Sir Walter Qualifier on June 29, 2021 will feature the Top 10 Men, the Top 10 Women, and an Open Mile. The Winners of the Men’s Championship and Women’s Championship Race will earn the final spot in the Sir Walter Miler Elite Race on Friday, August 6, 2021. The Top 10 times will be compiled through the first three weeks of the Pop Up Miles. Men can automatically qualify with a Sub-3:50 1500 meters or Sub-4:10 track mile. Women can auto qualify with a sub 5:00 1500m or sub 5:20 mile. Marks must be from 1/1/2021 or after. Comparable times will be acceptable by special request.

Make sure you sign up on the email list to find out where the Pop Up Miles will be. We’ll bring a race clock and call splits. You do the rest. Show up, run fast, bring your own water, and clean up after yourself. We’ll even have pacers for certain times. Feel free to bring a dollar or two donation to help fund the 2020 Sir Walter Miler as well. If you have questions, contact us at

2021 Sir Walter Running – Pop Up Miles

  • Week 1 – Tuesday, June 1 – >5:30 Mile, <5:30 Mile, 5000m, 4x400m (Results)
  • Week 2 – Tuesday, June 8 – >5:30 Mile, <5:30 Mile, 2 Miles, 4x400m (Results)
  • Week 3 – Tuesday, June 15 – >5:30 Mile, <5:30 Mile, 800m, 4x400m (Results)
  • Sir Walter Trialer – Friday, June 18 – Fundraiser + Olympic Trials Watch Party
  • Week 4 – Tuesday, June 22 – Off for US Olympic Trials
  • Championship / Sir Walter QualifierTuesday, June 29 – Open Mile, Women’s Championship Mile, Men’s Championship Mile, 4x400m (Results)

*Join the email list to be in the know!*

The series is going to be more virtual this year, so make sure and join our Strava Club at We’ll announce the course each Saturday and Tuesday is race day!

2020 Sir Walter Running – Pop Up Miles Results

2019 Sir Walter Running – Pop Up Miles Results

Week 1: Tuesday, June 4 at Durham Academy. Bonus: 5k, 4×400 (Results) (Photos: Part 1 / Part 2)
Week 2: Tuesday, June 11 at Ravenscroft School. Bonus: 400, 4×800 (Results) (Photos: Part 1 / Part 2)
Week 2.5: Friday, June 14: Raleigh RunDown Downhill Mile (Results) (Photos: Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4)
Week 3: Tuesday, June 18 at Athens Drive Magnet High School. Bonus: 2 Mile, 4×400 (Results) (Photos: Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3)
Championship Miles: Friday, June 28 at Meredith College. Bonus: Open Mile, 4×400 (Results) (Photos: Part 1 / Part 2)

2018 Sir Walter Running – Pop Up Miles Results

Week 1: Tuesday, June 5: Summer of Miles presents – Bonus: 5k, 4×400 (Results) (Photos)
Week 2: Tuesday, June 12: North Raleigh Family Eye Care presents – Bonus: 400, 4×800 (Results) (Photos)
Week 2.5: Friday, June 15: Bandwidth presents Raleigh RunDown Downhill Mile (Results) (Photos)
Week 3: Tuesday, June 19 – Raleigh Denim presents Session at the Speedway – Mile, 440, 880, 2 Mile at Wake County Speedway (Results) (Photos – 1) (Photos – 2)
Championship Miles: Tuesday, June 26 at Meredith College – Greater Raleigh Sports Alliance presents – Bonus: Over 5:30 Mile, Under 5:29 Mile, 4×400 (Results) (Photos)

2017 Sir Walter Running – Pop Up Miles Results

Week 1: Tuesday, June 6 – Miler Method “Night of PR’s” – Bonus: 5k, 4×400 (Results) (Photos)
Week 2: Tuesday, June 13: Salming Summer (Pop Up) Miles & Speed – Bonus: 800, 4×400 (Results) (Photos)
Week 2.5: Friday, June 16: Raleigh RunDown Downhill Mile (Results) (Photos)
Week 3: Tuesday, June 20 – Summer of Miles presents Pop Up Miles Relay Night – Bonus: 4×800, 4×400 (Results) (Photos)
Championship Miles: Roll Recovery presents the Pop Up Miles Championship: Tuesday, June 27 at Meredith College (home of the Sir Walter Miler) – Bonus: Open Mile, 4×400 (Results) (Photos)

2016 Sir Walter Running – Pop Up Miles Results

Week 1: Tuesday, June 7 – Bonus Event: 5k (Results) (Photos)
Week 2: Tuesday, June 14 – Bonus Event: 400 (Results) (Photos)
Week 2.5: Friday, June 17: Raleigh RunDown Downhill Mile  (Results) (Photos)
Week 2.75: Saturday, June 18: Asheville Qualifier:  (Results) (Photos)
Week 3: Tuesday, June 21 – Bonus Event: 800 (Results) (Photos)
Championship Miles: Tuesday, June 28 – Bonus Events: Open Mile, 4×400 (Results) (Photos)

2015 Sir Walter Running – Pop Up Miles Results

Week 1: Tuesday, June 2 (Results)
Week 2: Tuesday, June 9 (Results)
Week 3: Tuesday, June 16 (Results)
Week 4: Tuesday, June 23 (Results)
Championship Miles: Tuesday, June 30 (Results)

Video Montage from the 2nd, 3rd and 4th week (by 2015 Intern Alex Boseman)

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