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Meet the 2021 Competitors: Alli Cash

Alli Cash | Women’s Elite Mile

Social Media: Instagram | Twitter

Sponsor: ASICS
College: Oregon
Mile PR: 4:30.67

6 Things About Me: Alli Cash

  1. My friends and most other people call me CashMo or Cashmoney!
  2. I am a dog Mom to two Australian Shepherds, Aspen and Posey. I aspire to be a stay at home dog Mom someday; however, my fiancé has vetoed that for future work plans.
  3. I graduated from the University of Oregon in 2018 and followed my college coach (Maurica Powell) to the University of Washington…originally just as a volunteer coach (with a separate full time job), but I couldn’t stay away from competing long enough, and now I run professionally! What a journey.
  4. I had bilateral knee surgery three years ago and coach Powell and I think this has made me bionic.
  5. I am originally from Lenexa, KS, the sunflower state. I happen to have the HS Mile record for KS, as well (4:39.98). I am a 4 laps to a mile kind of gal.
  6. For a whole summer, Prakel, another athlete in the Sir Walter Miler this year, had to live with me. He also lives and trains in Seattle and is, whether he likes it or not, he’s my “work spouse”.

5 Fast Questions

  1. What’s something people should add to their Netflix (or any streaming service) or Podcast queue? Loki on Disney plus.
  2. What’s your favorite training shoe right now (or ever)? ASICS Novablast 2. Lots of bounce, cushiony, and light-weight.
  3. If you have to go fast food, what’s your go-to? Probably Five Guys – Cajun fries are
  4. Do you have any connections to Raleigh or North Carolina? My family’s first vacation growing up was to North Carolina. I had never been to a beach or seen an ocean prior.
  5. The sport of Track & Field would be more exciting (or better) if… we worked harder to make it an experience/event for the fans. Something like the Trials, where there are local breweries in the facility, local food, people who know about the sport commentating/explaining a race to people who maybe are new to the sport or to watching an event.

Learn more about Alli at: VIS ExperienceEat with the ProsRun with the Pros

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